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save money

Visit yor local Bean Bar to sign up for a Bean Bar Rewards Card. It is free to join and you will start earning points with your first purchase.

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A Bean Bar Reward Card is more than your average rewards program. You can preload it, or even give it to someone as a gift card.

How does it work?

For every Bean Bar-made drink you buy, you receive 10% of the value of that purchase credited to your Bean Bar card. You can then use your points for any food or drink purchase at any Bean Bar location.

You can also preload credit onto your Reward Card and use it to pay for anything you like at Bean Bar. If you choose to preload your card we will still give you 10% on your preloaded amount.

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  • Load a Rewards Cards with any amount and present as a gift card
  • View your Rewards Card balance

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